Friend:Hey why do you like that character so much?
Me:Are you sure you're ready for this kind of conversation
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That had to be the most stressful episode of anything ever.

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Ooo, straight-up The Thing inspiration in this episode.

The eyeball on the very first one got me, as well as them being sliced in half. There was a lot of /goo/!

Sooooo much goo and trauma! I guess they’re assuming most kids are used to zombies, seeing as how common they are in games and movies nowadays.

What, there’s a second one?

Seems so! It’s uploaded onto the video site I’m using already, at least. It’s called ‘Into the Bunker.’

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Dude, there was a bit of entrails sticking out of the first zombie. That’s pretty ballsy for a Disney show, even if it’s on a different channel now.

OOoooh, shit, there’s another ep out?
All my previous unhappiness is gone.

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Imagine how smelly that powder-blue polyester ensemble gets after a big performance at the Tent. Ewww.

His poor, poor high-strung mother.

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Wow, this episode is way more graphic than I expected Gravity Falls to ever go.

Stan’s glove had an extra finger
The books all have an extra finger


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'Gideon Smell' : A strong scent of Hairspray, mixed with a hint of flowery perfume, and a lot of anger-generated sweat.

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I forgot Gravity Falls was happenin’ today not Aug. 3rd so HERE I COME LATE TO THE PARTY

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This is my absolute favorite trend right now

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