*points at friends oc* luv this oc

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soooo… i was thinking that maybe i’d change cedric (my revan) into a zabrak, but i’m not sure anymore. i like this design. i love punk aliens! but i don’t think it fits with my idea of him. maybe this guy could be part of cedric’s crew, tho. i don’t know! but yeah. for now, just have a punk zabrak. woo!

Oh no he’s really pretty and his collar nicely frames his face oh noooo
A+ work, especially on his forehead tattoos! They look awesome. c:

Fuckin’ Hell Cynara stop being nice to everyone you’re gonna say something nice and welcoming and intentionally friendly but everyone’s going to fall in love with you


why do I take you into RPGs


I find there’s a distinct lack of Dorian/Adaar in the fandom. I’m here to change that.

Yo check out my friend’s art and her sparkly new art blog 

Wooohooo! I’m seeing missions based off Karan’s actions in DA:O! WHOOOOOO

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My lovely new icon on that site.

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Some of the dialogue in this game just 

I’ve always wanted to see if I’d be happier with the rivalry side of Fenris’ romance, tho…


Whenever I get sad about my anatomy I look at Rob Liefeld’s art and that cheers me up.


Hehehehe yessss, somebody mentioned Karan sitting on the throne.
Freleden is so fucked.

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The Gashadokuro are such a cool folklore concept.

My favorite thing is this idea that they somehow are able to silently stalk people despite being almost 100-foot tall skeletons, because no one looks up.

Gashadokuro aka the starving skeletons are the reanimated and combined bones of the victims of starvation. Up to a hundred feet tall, they are heralded by the sound of bells ringing in the ears of their victims. They reach down from above to capture people and bit their heads off. The Gashadokuro haunt the darkness after midnight.

Japanese folklore has a ton of giant skeletons but the Gashadokuro is the coolest + creepiest

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I’m making Cynara romance Anders aha ahaah a



I haven’t rly tried to draw Jaden in awhile and I was inspired by metroid prime concept art (mostly the sketches) so here he is

Lack of genitalia is not a censor thing: Jaden has no genitals. In-canon. No genitals for Jaden. None. Nope.

I’m proud of this one it goes on the main blog

Main blog, tumblr. MAIN BLOG

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