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juli i’m laughing so much

Earlier in the movie, Imhotep’s love interest kissed him and I causally went “oh no, she’s me.”
In front of my new college friends who probably don’t know my big ol’ monster boys boner.

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No love for Ardeth Bay?

He has a very nice face, but I can’t make a pun out of that.

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ARTIST: Jim Cummings
TITLE: In the Dark of the Night
ALBUM: Anastasia: Music From The Motion Picture (1997 Version)


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Sometimes I think it’s raining then I realize it’s just the men’s showers.

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tbf this is kind of a constant state of being

Kirby’s Adventure is the second game in the series, for NES (the first was on game boy) It was also the first in the series to feature Kirby’s absorbing power abilities, and was in color.

I played that as a download from the Wii Shop! Did not get too far, though. I was hoping to find a very colorful SNES installment- does one exist?

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So, for my History of Game Dev class, I have to write game reviews, particularly of older games.
The first one has to be a second-generation video game, but the others don’t have restrictions.
A kirby game is definitely making it’s way into my ‘to be reviewed’ list.

Thank you, askgoodolmothy
(Y’all should follow him
Y’all should also read Cucumber Quest!!)

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Because it’s always the right time to enjoy some Graham Nolan-y Joker goodness.

Dang, Joker, easy on the eyeshadow. You going to a Kiss concert or something?

"Only the foolish mourn the loss of innocence. It is inevitable. The galaxy has never rewarded the naive."