ghost:what would you like on your tombstone?
dracula:are you afraid of aging? or death?
nosferatu:what, as a child, did you imagine went bump in the night?
creature from the black lagoon:what's your favorite place to go for a break? (eg vacation spot or comforting place, book, etc)
godzilla:what do you do when you are angry? are you ever destructive?
frankenstein's monster:when you fall apart, what pulls you back together?
the blob:do you collect anything? if so, what & why?
zombie:when was the last time you trusted your gut? was it successful?
mothra:what is something dangerous that attracts or fascinates you?
king kong:what are some questionable choices you've made lately?
alien:what is your strangest feature?
50 ft woman:what is your most prominent strength?
witch:if you could magically change anything about yourself right now, what would it be and why?
cthulhu:do you like the ocean? why or why not?
nessie:have you ever felt invisible to people -- the feeling of not existing?
mutant spider:what is one of your biggest fears?
werewolf:if you could change into any nonhuman animal and back at will, what animal would you change into and why?
freddy kreuger:what is one of your worst nightmares?
jason voorhees:do you feel you are laughed at often? do you laugh at other people? if so, in what situations?
golem:if you could make up an imaginary friend, what would they be like and why?
leprechaun:what is your "pot of gold" (or white whale, if you'd rather)
sharktopus:what is something you've done that was ridiculous or a bad decision?
mummy:would you like to ever have children? why or why not?
robot:what is a habit you do without thinking?


Warpaint -A fanmix for the first human Spectre and the last living Prothean

"War is our sculptor. And we are prisoners to its design."

1. Devil Inside - London Grammar 2. Warpaint - Warpaint 3. Bad Intentions - Digital Daggers 4. The Poison - The All American Rejects 5. China Shop - The Romanovs 6. Fangs - Little Red Lung 7. Control - Garbage 8. Swallow My Bullet - Porcelain Black 9. The Twist - Metric 10. Come Crashing - Digital Daggers 11. Love Is A Suicide - Natalia Kills 12. Strangeness and Charm - Florence + The Machine 13. Ancestors, The Ancients - Chelsea Wolfe 14. Catalyst - Kyla La Grange 15. World on Fire - Les Friction 16. War - Poets of the Fall 17. The Waves Has Come - Chelsea Wolfe 18. Waiting For The End - Linkin Park 19. The Only Hope For Me Is You, My Chemical Romance



thanks nintendo

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After finally getting over my fear of phone calls, I got back on my TOR account. Yay!!





no but imagine the tally marks turning black if their love is requited.

and then imagine the tally marks becoming a scar when the one they love dies.

Imagine someone with no tally marks meeting someone with 50 tally marks


Dream date~

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With the ‘Star Wars Rebels' hour long pilot episode, 'Spark Of Rebellion' debuting worldwide on Disney channels today, be on the look out for these enemies of the Empire!

These six posters, with the likenesses and statistics for the crew of The Ghost were contained in a Press Package.


The only gods in your life, I suspect, are either comic book characters, entities from cartoons or particularly mighty Sith lords. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

I think, if asked, I’d probably just say I was a member of the Order of the Gash. Hehehe!

I’m a godless heathen, aren’t I?

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Please lord Jesus tell me someone else thinks Darth Sion is hot.. I don’t know if it’s just his voice, but his presence and attitude as well. They are just… Wowza. Makes me melt.

Reblog this if you have no problem with relationships that are OC X Canon!

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And if it was up to me,

I’d rewrite history

and change my destiny…

One last time!

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